I release Kraut Tree Editor (BETA 1).
Check it out..

I uploaded a new version of GLIM. This is a bug-fix release.
Download it here.

New screenshots in the Pictures Section.

I just released GLIM - an OpenGL Immediate Mode emulation library.
This is the very first release.
Download it here.

GLIM is intended for people who want to get away from OpenGL's deprecated fixed function pipeline but still would like to have an easy interface to render small amounts of geometry. GLIM makes it easy to replace OpenGL immediate mode code without too much effort.

For more information please download GLIM and read the Readme that is contained in the zip-file.

New screenshots in the Pictures Section.

I uploaded a few screenshots of a university project. We had to create a viewer to visualize the city of Aachen. The data was prepared by other groups. The viewer implements some really nice effects, like high-dynamic range lighting, dynamic soft shadows, a procedural animated sky, Bloom, fog, lensflare and ambient occlusion for diffuse shading.

I uploaded a few screenshots of my current project, Particle Effects.

I improved my Tool "Slideshow" even more. Details are in the Readme.

I rewrote my Tool "Slideshow" and improved it a bit. Get it in the "Programs"-Section.

I fixed a bug concerning the taskbar icon in my programs "Slideshow" and "AdressManager".

I uploaded a new version of my AdressManager. It now properly supports exporting addresses for Thunderbird and GMail and now also has a built in update-function, which allows to easily update the program via internet in the future. Also there are some other minor improvements.

New Screenshots from my current project, a Particle Effect System.

New screenshots from my engine in the "pictures"-section.

I added something to the "Stuff"-section.

I uploaded three new screenshots.

Another bugfix in the AdressManager. You can download it here.

There are a few new screenshots in the pictures-section. It might be a bit hard to guess, what those screenshots actually show. They show stencil-shadows in action. The cube in the middle of the room casts a shadow onto the walls. The three shots show, how one of the two lightsources moves around the cube and how the shadow moves with it.
At the moment it´s only a test case, i am not sure, if stencil shadows will ever make it into my engine.

I updated the Programs-Section. I uploaded the current version of "AdressManager" and "SlideShow".

A small update to the screenshot-section.

I added a small tool which can be used to view some nice effects modern hardware is capable of.

I updated the "Programs"-section with an improved version of "Critical Conflict". I removed music-playback from it and could decrease the file-size down to 1.9 MB. You can get "Critical Conflict" here.

I added the "Dumb questions about South Africa" to the Stuff-section

I added something to the "Stuff"-section.

28.05.2003 - New Homepage
I completely redesigned my homepage.