Kraut Tree Creator

Kraut is a program to procedurally generate plants, especially trees. Through a set of parameters you specify how a tree is supposed to grow. Various different, but similar trees can be generated from the same specification. Additionally there is a manual editing mode, which allows to easily paint branches by hand, such that very unique trees can be created.

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New Features in BETA 2

  • Flares along branches: deform the mesh to imitate strong roots or bulges.
  • Billboard Leaves: Leaves that rotate towards the viewer to achive more densly looking trees with few polygons.
  • Frond and Leaf color variation: More natural looking trees through easy to use color variation per leaf.
  • Convert to DDS: All textures that are exported as TGA can now additionally be converted to DDS format.
  • LeafCards: Top-Down mode to create leaf textures for billboards.
  • Visual Tree Component Editor: Much improved UI for editing tree components and reusing them in other trees.
  • Generally much cleaned up UI. Added progress bars for longer operations.
  • Fixed broken FBX export.
  • Improved smooth vertex normals.
  • Several improvements to the tree generation. Branch width is now absolute, Trunk types can be spwaned with more control.
  • Added Billboard and Impostor LOD types.
  • Export to custom format, which supports all the features that are required to fully render a Kraut tree.
  • Added program "Kraut Viewer" with full source, which demonstrates how to load and render a kraut tree.

  • General Feature Set

  • Procedural growth of branches and fronds.
  • Easily create thousands of variations from the same tree specification.
  • Interactive WYSIWYG editor.
  • Undo / Redo system.
  • Export Meshes to OBJ, FBX or custom format.
  • "Leafcard" mode to easily create textures which can be used to represent entire branches. This enables you to create highly detailed looking trees without many polygons.
  • Exported leafcard textures are automatically processed to be well suited for mipmap creation.
  • Automatic computation of up to five level-of-detail meshes with much reduced polygon counts.
  • LODs include Impostor and Billboard mode.
  • Many tweakable options to get the best quality out of level-of-detail meshes.
  • Manual editing mode that allows to easily paint unique branches exactly as desired.
  • On manually created branches additional procedural branches may be grown.
  • "Physical Simulation" mode: Branches will try to grow around obstacles, such as other branches or additional objects that can be loaded from OBJ files. This allows to create a tree that shall fit perfectly into some corner of a game level.
  • Several sample trees and sample leafcards included.

  • Screenshots


    Tree-meshes generated with Kraut Tree Creator (BETA 2) can be used free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial projects. However, it would be nice if you let us now about it and also to mention Kraut in your application's credits.


    Note: You will need 7-zip to extract the downloaded package.

    Download Kraut Tree Creator BETA 2