Note to recruiters: Since 2011 I am working at Havok and am now the Vision Engine Team Lead.

My résumé below is a bit outdated. See LinkedIn for more details.

About Me:

My Name is Jan Krassnigg. In 2010 I finished my diploma in Computer Science at the University of Aachen, specializing in computer graphics.
My main interests are game engine and graphics engine programming, though I also have some experience in other areas, such as sound, AI or tools programming.

Please feel free to contact me at Jan@Krassnigg.de or via phone under +49 176 / 22331240.

Additional Information about me.


Over 12 years of experience with C++, OpenGL and game/graphics engine programming.

I have very thorough knowledge of the following tools and APIs:

Visual Studio (since version 6)
DirectX, Direct3D 11, HLSL
Multithreading using OpenMP
Win32 and Win64 programming
Source Control using Subversion (and TortoiseSVN)
Bugtracking and Team-Coordination using Trac.
Xaitment's AI Solutions

I have varying amount of experience with the following tools and APIs:

Intel Threading Building Blocks
nVidia PhysX (one year of experience)
Havok 6 (one year of experience)
Bullet Physics Engine (superficial)
Intel VTune
Network Programming (via Sockets, Qt and the long dead DirectPlay)
Linux Programming (porting the "Virtual Aachen Project")
Adobe Photoshop
HTML, PHP, JavaScript (superficial)

My native language is German, I also speak English fluently.

Letters of Reference:

A letter of reference from Xaitment GmbH, with whom I cooperated for my diploma thesis.
A reference from Lion GmbH, where I worked for several years.


A Deferred Decal Rendering Technique - Game Engine Gems, Volume One, Chapter 20 (TOC, excerpt)

Diploma Thesis: Interactive Pedestrian and Traffic Simulation in a Virtual City Environment

Traffic with Brains - Inside Xaitment

City Virtualization - Gregor Fabritius, Jan Krassnigg, Lars Krecklau, Christopher Manthei, Alexander Hornung, Martin Habbecke, Leif Kobbelt
5. Workshop Virtuelle und Erweiterte Realität der GI-Fachgruppe VR/AR


The Virtual Aachen Project

This started out as a small university project over one semester and has since been under active development at our faculty for over 3 years. For this project I have written the (game/graphics) engine and have added a traffic and pedestrian simulation to it as my diploma thesis (see below).
The project features a 40 square kilometer area of the City of Aachen, rendered completely in real-time with state-of-the-art effects.
The Virtual Aachen Project is a team-project, with people working on many different parts, like procedural and manual content creation (and Tools to do so), a thin-client for the iPhone, many shader effects and the engine itself. My part was to write the engine and make it fast, most of the content and shader-effects have been provided by my team-colleges.

Diploma Thesis

For my diploma thesis I added a traffic and pedestrian simulation to the Virtual Aachen Project. The (pedestrian) AI uses tools from Xaitment as its foundation.
The engine simulates around 1000 pedestrians and 8000 vehicles, all in real-time (Core2 Quad 2.6 GHz Q9450, 4GB RAM, Geforce 9600, Windows 7 64 Bit).

3D Game Engine

Over the last 8 years I have always worked on my own 3D game engine. Please take a look at the videos showing it in action, below. Currently I use Havok for physics and Lua for object and level scripting. The renderer is not very advanced at the moment. It also features a powerful level-editor which has been written in collaboration with a friend. There is also a tool to compute Radiosity lighting, which has been written entirely by the same guy, using the same code framework that powers the level-editor and the game-engine.
The engine can be compiled to use OpenGL or Direct3D 11, no modification to the game-data is needed, not even shaders need to be rewritten.

Screenshots from this and other projects can also be found at my website.

You can download a demo here (130 MB).

Critical Conflict

This is a complete game with 2D graphics, sound and story that I wrote about 8 years ago. It requires DirectX 8 and should run on all PCs. It was inspired by the first Rainbow Six game and combines its tactial planning with a real-time 2D strategy game.
Download Link.