Additional Information

Contact Information:

Name: Jan Krassnigg
Born: 1983
Country: Germany


Curriculum Vitae:

11. Oktober 1983: Born in Neerpelt (Belgium)
1984: Moved to Fassberg (Niedersachsen, Germany)
1990: Moved to Würzburg (Bavaria, Germany)
1990-1994: Visited the "Grundschule Heuchelhof"
1994-1996: Visited the "Deutschhaus-Gymnasium"
1996: Moved to Colgone (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)
1996-2003: Visited the "Antonius Kolleg"
2003: Achieved the "Abitur", Grade: 2.3
2003: Moved to Aachen (NRW, Germany)
2003: Started studying Computer Science at the University of Aachen
2005: Finished the "Grundstudium" (similar to a Bachelor's Degree)
2003-2009: Worked as System-Administrator for "Lion GmbH"
May 2010: Finished my Diploma Thesis, Grade: 1.0
November 2010: Finished my Diploma (similar to a Master's Degree), Grade: 1.5
February 2011: Started working as a developer for the Vision Engine at Trinigy GmbH (later bought by Havok)
Late 2011: Team Lead for the Vision Tools Team.
Mid 2013: Team Lead for the overall Vision Engine Team.